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a building-focused window to OpenStreetMap

OpenBuildingMap offers you standardized and extended information from the most verified global building data set.

We continuously consume data from OpenStreetMap, cleanse it, process additional building attributes and make the results available to you.


preview of online map

Go to the webmap in order to inspect the OpenBuildingMap data.


Currently we offer only a compressed planet file (~15GB; uncompressed ~120GB). Soon we are going to offer regional extracts, too.

The data includes buildings of the whole world with the following attributes:

Attribute Data type Description
building_id integer OpenStreetMap ID
geometry EPSG:900913 Footprint of the building
occupancy string Computed and guessed occupancy
levels string Number of floors in a building
ground_area float Size of the building footprint
floor_space float Ground area multiplied by number of floors
position string Position of the building in a block
Data: © OpenStreetMap © OpenBuildingMap


All of our source code is Free Software. Please check out our repositories. Contributions are very welcome.